My dad used to make stir fry for us almost every week when we were kids.  I always liked the way he would cut up all the ingredients into little pieces and have them all arranged on a plate.  Once they were all cut, he would add things to the wok one by one, starting with longer cooking veggies like carrots and finishing with more delicate ones like pea pods.  Sometimes he would add a little chili oil or some Thai bird chilies from the garden.  This would usually result in everyone having red eyes and coughing from the vaporized capsaicin in the air...and it was delicious.  He would finish the dish with some Maggie Gin's stir fry sauce, and we would eat it over Minute Rice and crunchy chow mein noodles.  He always cooked in a well seasoned carbon steel wok that was as old as I was.  That wok is now mine.  It's not the prettiest thing in my kitchen, but it works perfectly and I think it has character.  Carbon steel (non stainless) can be treated the same as cast iron: wipe it out with paper towels after cooking, don't use soap and make sure to dry it thoroughly if you put water on it.  If you are going to store it for a while, rub a little oil on it to prevent rust.  For a stir fry intro, today's recipe keeps it simple with just one meat and one veggie, but once you have more practice you can start adding more ingredients.  You can make a sauce, or buy a bottled sauce such as Maggie Gin's or General Tso's.  Stir fry sauces are easy to make, but they tend to use a lot of ingredients that you may not usually stock in your pantry.  Ready to try it?  Check out the recipe and the slideshow.  Wok and roll!!



MaryAnn Bloom
07/12/2013 4:50am

Rachel, you are so talented! Thank you for sharing!


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