Today's recipe is a variation on a classic dish called the Kentucky Hot Brown.  The traditional dish is an open faced turkey sandwich topped with Mornay sauce, bacon, and tomatoes.  I don't know why the word "brown" is even in the name, since the only element in the dish that is even sort of brown is the bacon.  Well, my version makes a little more sense because we are replacing the turkey with a hamburger!  Which is brown.  Also, I hate raw tomatoes so I left that off the dish.  We don't need any healthy ingredients getting in the way of this festival of beef, butter, cheese, cream, and bacon.  You may want to keep some Lipitor and maybe a defibrillator handy when you eat this, in case your heart decides to give up halfway through.  You can find the recipe here and a slideshow of the whole process here.  Enjoy! 


07/17/2013 11:28am

I think they call them hot browns because that was the name of the hotel where it was invented, but also probably because it sounds vaguely dirty.


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